Thursday, June 6, 2013

Project Sunshine: Foster Home Edition SUCCESS!!!

It's not too late to help! Join us in bringing joy and purpose to local foster care communities through a donation in honor of this special project.

TFI Project Sunshine | Foster Home Edition from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.

We want to say a huge thank you to all who were involved in this project.  The Body of Christ rose up and accomplished an amazing project to bless two foster mom's.  Because of the hard work of 100+ volunteers the improvements to the homes were completed so Ceola and April could continue caring for children in need!  

To view more pictures than those below visit Flickr!

Ceola's Home - Work completed 
  • Basement of the house was cleaned and organized 
  • Mold was removed
  • Egress window was installed along with 6 broken windows 
  • Upstairs bathroom received a new vanity and plumbing was fixed 
  • The basement storm door was fixed 
  • The yard was cleaned up by trimming shrubs and seeding the yard
  • A basketball hoop was installed 
  • A lot of plumbing work was completed  - leaking pipes, removing old pipes, etc..
  • Smoke detectors were installed 
  • New sump pump was installed 
  • Electrical work was brought up to code
  • Replaced weather stripping and door hardware
  • A used stove was donated for the basement kitchen, as well as a microwave that was installed upstairs.
  • Basement Bedroom – New furniture bed frame, dresser, end table, new bedding, curtain, paneling, paint, carpet, and décor accessories.
  • Basement Bathroom – New paneling, new vanity, toilet, sink, shower/tub, painted. 
  • Basement Family room - New furniture, kitchen table, chairs, benches, sofa, loveseat, end table, coffee table, TV, rugs, and décor accessories
April's Home - Work Completed 
  • The basement was completely cleared out and gutted to studs and concrete walls. 
  • The water heater was moved along with the gas and water lines
  • The water heater had new walls installed around it.
  • Plumbing was reworked in laundry sink and a faucet was added. 
  • 2 egress windows were dug out and installed 
  • Bedrooms were framed out to have walls, with 3 new bedroom doors as well as closets in new locations for each. 
  • Electrical work was brought up to code 
  • Smoke detectors were installed
  • Walls were treated for mold.
  • The yard was cleaned up by trimming bushes, adding mulch and flowers.
  • Installed carpet in all 3 bedrooms.
  • New closet doors and door hardware were added
  • All rooms were painted 
  • Laundry room: new custom shelving, laundry folding table with counter-top with laundry baskets
  • New ceiling tiles and paneling for the new walls that were built
  • New furniture – new beds, dressers, storage shelves, desk, and rug
  • All new bedding, curtains, wall art, and décor accessories were added to each room

Will you share the impact that was made on these foster families?

Forward this link or socially share with your friends and family, asking them to prayerfully consider donating to The Forgotten Initiative. Because of ongoing support, we will continue to mobilize the Body of Christ to bring joy and purpose to local foster care communities!

Together -- we can be the hands and feet of Jesus for those who are hurting, broken and forgotten.